Grateful for firewood....


Tonight I am so grateful to have a firewood delivery. We had to decide between groceries or wood and we chose food. That means we got a roast to cook in the crockpot for Christmas and ingredients for other yummy side dishes and we are so excited! The house has been averaging 45-50 degrees and we had acclimated to that pretty well until yesterday when the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped significantly and so while we didn’t regret spending the money on groceries, we were definitely wishing we had some wood for the fireplace. And then, my boyfriend called and said a relative of one of his workers who is also a friend lives near us and will sell us wood at a discount!   Long story short, he paid for half and it was delivered today and our house went from 41 degrees to almost 60!

But what really made me think was while I was stacking the wood (and I’m obviously no expert) I was thinking how grateful I am that our home would be warm but also for the experience of gathering and stacking the wood. Like I was ‘winter nesting’ or something. Preparing for winter. Having the ability to prepare for winter instead of knowing it was coming and hopingwe would be able to stay warm. There was just something so fulfilling about stacking up all that great smelling wood and I was just so grateful!!