Grateful for friends....


Today I am grateful for friends.  Actually, I have been feeling this particularly since Sunday when a friend, my daughter and I went to see Murder on the Orient Express.  I have been doing a countdown for months to see this movie, being an Agatha Christie fan in general.  I was disappointed on Thanksgiving that I did not get to go see this movie that day as that had been what my daughter and I had been planning to do with our free tickets.  Long story short, I ended up going to a movie my boyfriend wanted to see instead.  Being currently and unexpectedly unemployed, I did not have hope of being able to pay to see this movie at a later date.  But, it’s just a movie afterall, and not something I get to enjoy very often, so any movie was a treat.

But then a couple of things happened.  One friend sent me some money to help purchase gas for the car, toilet paper, cat litter and other necessities and another friend called me up to see if she could take all three of us to see this movie.  She is having a hard time and wanted a change of pace and knew of my current financial challenges and so we agreed.  We decided to meet there but something came up and she was delayed but still wanted to come.  So I was grateful to use the money my other friend had sent to help us get tickets and seats and still get to see the movie and we had such a good time!!  Being pretty much housebound right now it was so invigorating to get to ‘get out’ and do something fun.  I am so blessed to have friends who care for me and who have helped me so much during this challenging and stressful time.