Grateful for peaceful moments....


This morning I woke up to moisture! Something I crave but have not experienced in so long I can’t remember the last time. There are clouds, fog and a drop here and there of, well, I can’t call it rain but it was moisture. It was glorious!! But as I was reading my morning devotionals on the porch something suddenly grabbed my attention so I pulled myself out of my inner focus to see what it was. And it was absolutely silent. Like the fog had brought peace along with it. My daughter was reading next to me and she picked up on the same thing at the same time as I did. Neither of us having said a word. It was magical. A totally different sound of silence and peace than what happens in the middle of the night. A different pitch. I had never been aware before that there really is a ‘sound of silence’. Normally, there are many sounds in the morning. Donkeys, roosters, dogs, cars, people, and tons of birds. But not today.

Neither of us wanted to speak or even breathe too loud so as not to disturb the moment. Even a leaf falling from the tree seemed loud in this silence. It was completely refreshing, healing, and balancing.   So I respected the silence and let it serve me. What a wonderful way to start today. I am so grateful!