Health and the Power of Thoughts

“The point of power is always in the present moment…. what you choose to think and believe and say today is creating your future…” Louise Hay

The term “Holistic Health” covers so much more than it implies at first glance. It includes a completely balanced and healthy life in mind, body and soul or spirituality and that our emotions and beliefs control all of these areas. While most things are neutral in and of themselves, they all have the ability to affect each of us in a negative or positive way, depending on how we perceive and process them. We have complete control over how we choose to think of events in our lives so we must think in the most positive and beneficial way we can. This is a learning process that takes time but improves the quality of each day we practice it. I believe God has given us the power and freedom to choose our thoughts which then affect our feelings and our behavior. Learning how to apply positive principles and practices to our lives will enable us to overcome negative consequences we find ourselves in — no matter what we have done or endured in the past.

If we don’t feed and exercise our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves, that part will get sick and die. This can sound overwhelming but since everything we do in one aspect of our lives affects the rest, this makes every positive thought and/or action much more powerful and healing than we can imagine. The key is to begin.

Carol Tuttle states, “Our mental body is at a higher vibration than our emotional body, meaning our minds are more powerful than our feelings. We have been trained to listen to our feelings and create thoughts that match our feelings. Therefore, if we are feeling negative feelings, we will think negative thoughts. We believe we cannot start thinking and perceiving ourselves in a positive light until we feel positive feelings. Take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts. Change your life by changing your thoughts….Creating a strong intention in which you can hold a belief is the most powerful way to use your thoughts…..a spiritual term for intention is faith. Whatever you put your faith in will be your life experience”

Choose conscious thoughts that are honoring and loving you today!