Guest Artist

Original Post October 2017

My latest art therapy project was done for a class being designed by Libby Seery on  It was such a great project!  I learned so much about myself and also gained some insights into helping others through my counseling business.  This is a picture of the final project.


This assignment was,  "How do you judge how well you are doing in life? Who do you compare yourself to? To help you consider this in greater detail I want you to create a collage of images that you are drawn to when you think of how well you are doing in life."  All the details and tutorial are explained in the course along with several other projects.

If you are interested in this class, I highly recommend it and I've provided a special link below that allows you to take the course for $10 instead of the regular $200 price.

Arts Therapy - Greater Understanding of the "Self" - $10 Sale Price

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me!

Laurie :)