More Folk Art Characters and Products are coming soon!

Check out my new line of spring Characters inspired by and in collaboration with Johanna parker design!

These Love Bugs are completely hand made and hand painted by me and each one is one-of-a-kind. You can purchase it as a made-to-order item from the shop and it will ship out in approximately 2 weeks.

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These pastel bugs below are perfect for a softer look. They are enhanced with extra sparkle and details and can be used for a baby shower, nursery, birthday or any day!

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made to order….

Halloween Folk Art Characters!


I have always loved vintage Halloween decorations and I’m so excited to announce a new collaboration with Johanna Parker Design in her new JPD Partners in Craft network!  Check out her charming folk art collectibles and printables here! 

This Halloween project is for a series of folk style characters I am making into flags for a super fun Halloween Banner, wall hanging or door decoration!

You can also purchase each individual banner flag or character ready-made to mix and match and add to your vintage Halloween scene. You can pre-order ready-made items while supplies last by clicking here.

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